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Unveiling R407A Refrigerant: Key Facts and Comprehensive Information

Unveiling R407A Refrigerant: Key Facts and Comprehensive Information

Unveiling R407A Refrigerant: Key Facts and Comprehensive Information


In the realm of refrigerants, R407A has emerged as a versatile and environmentally friendly option, striking a balance between efficient cooling performance and reduced environmental impact. This article serves as a comprehensive information sheet, offering insights into the key facts, properties, and applications of R407A refrigerant.

  1. Composition and Characteristics:

    R407A is a non-azeotropic blend of refrigerants, comprised mainly of R32, R125, and R134a. This combination results in a refrigerant with favorable thermodynamic properties, making it suitable for various cooling applications. Its composition is carefully designed to provide an alternative to high-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants, aligning with the industry's shift towards more sustainable options.

  2. Environmental Impact:

    One of the significant advantages of R407A is its relatively lower GWP compared to traditional hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants. This makes it an attractive choice for those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change. R407A is recognized for its reduced impact on both global warming and ozone depletion potential.

  3. Applications:

    R407A finds application in a wide range of cooling systems, including but not limited to:

    • Commercial and residential air conditioning.
    • Refrigeration systems for supermarkets and grocery stores.
    • Industrial process cooling.
    • Heat pump applications.

R407A Facts Table

Name: R407A
Name - Scientific: Klea 60
Name (2): Forane 407A
Name (3): Freon 407A
Classification: Hydrofluorocarbon
Chemistry: R-32/125/134a
Status: Active & Growing
Future: Will be phased on 2024
System Type: Low medium temperature refrigeration
Application: Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers
Application (2): Transport refrigerations
Application (3): Industrial applications
Application (4): Heating applications
Replacement For: R-22 and R-404A
Ozone Depletion Potential: 0
Global Warming Potential: 2107
Global Warming Risk: Moderately high
Toxicity Levels: A (No Toxicity Identified.)
Flammability Levels: Class 1 - No Flame Propagation
Lubricant Required: POE
Boiling Point: −°C (-108.4 -45.2 °Cor -38.7 °C (-49.36 °F or -37.66 °F)
Critical Temperature: 81.91 °C or 179.438 °F
Critical Pressure: 4487 kpa (45.2 bar(a))
Temperature Glide: 6.4
Molar Mass:
90.1 g·mol−1
Density: 1145.1 kg/m3 (liquid at saturation −25°C)
Vapor Pressure: 10.93 bar (25 °C)
Manufacturers: Various Including: Honeywell, Chemours, Arkema, Mexichem, Chinese, etc.
Manufacturing Facilities: All Over Including: USA, Mexico, EU, China, and others.
Form: Gas
Color: Uknown
EPA Certification Required: Yes
Require Certification to Purchase? Yes
Cylinder Color: Unknown
Purchasing: Buy R407A in Bulk
  1. Performance and Efficiency:

    R407A offers favorable thermodynamic properties, providing efficient heat transfer and cooling performance across various temperature ranges. Its versatility makes it suitable for both medium and low-temperature applications, making it a reliable choice for different cooling needs.

  2. Replacement for R22:

    R407A is often used as a replacement for R22, an ozone-depleting refrigerant being phased out globally. The compatibility of R407A with existing R22 systems makes it a practical and eco-friendly choice for retrofitting older systems.

  3. Safety Considerations:

    While R407A is generally considered safe when handled properly, it's crucial to follow safety guidelines and recommendations during installation, maintenance, and disposal. Being a blend, it's essential to prevent fractionation, ensuring the mixture remains consistent for optimal performance and safety.

  4. Regulatory Compliance:

    R407A aligns with international agreements and regulations governing refrigerants, ensuring that users comply with industry standards and environmental guidelines. Staying updated on regulatory requirements is key to the responsible use of R407A and similar refrigerants.


R407A refrigerant stands at the forefront of sustainable cooling solutions, offering a compelling blend of efficiency, environmental responsibility, and versatility. As the industry continues to transition towards eco-friendly alternatives, R407A emerges as a practical choice for those seeking a balance between optimal performance and reduced environmental impact. Stay informed, adhere to safety guidelines, and consider the benefits of R407A as you explore the evolving landscape of refrigerants in today's environmentally conscious world.

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